Who Should Apply

Read on to See if YOU Should!

Each participating state coordinates their own Youth Tour program. Most delegates are rising Juniors or Seniors but see below to find out if you’re eligible in your state!

A Few FAQs

I don’t know how I feel about traveling that far – especially without my family.

That’s understandable! For many students, Youth Tour is a first time out of state, a first flight, and/or the first trip away from home this long. Rest assured, there are hundreds of others in the same boat. You will bond with the delegates from your state and get to know young leaders from all over the country.

Many attendees maintain strong friendships with the people they met on Youth Tour. Some have even gone on to become college roommates and colleagues!

What do we DO on Youth Tour?

You will see some incredible memorials & monuments and tour some of the most famous and acclaimed museums in the world! You will also meet with your state representatives and other congressional staff and talk with them about issues that affect you, your family, and your community!

“My favorite Youth Tour memory was when the entire group went to the the Capitol! Being able to talk to my state’s representatives was incredible! Also being able to trade my state’s pins and getting to meet some awesome people from around the country! Truly the trip of a lifetime!” – Bailey U | Nebraska | 2019

Pin Trading?

Yes! Each state gives their delegates pins, necklaces, cheese erasers (shout out, Wisconsin!) or something symbolic of their home state and then the race is on to try to trade with someone from another state. Each year, we have a few delegates – and chaperones! – who are able to say they got a piece of “flair” from every state!

OK. This sounds pretty awesome. How do I apply?

Find your state to see what’s offered and learn more about how to apply.

See you in D.C.!

Can you think of another program besides Youth Tour that allows a Hoosier boy to learn to line dance from a Texas girl?
I can’t.
Is there any other organization besides NRECA that creates environments where youth from the Midwest, South, West, and Northeast can come together and learn about the issues facing our country?
I don’t know of any.
That is Youth Tour: Uncommon and Unforgettable.

Devan S. | Indiana | 2017