Co-ops Vote

Advocate for Rural America at Any Age!

Co-ops Vote is a non-partisan program focused on enhancing the political strength of electric cooperatives. The main goal of Co-ops Vote is to ensure that every member exercises their right to vote in every election. When our cooperative members vote for the candidates who best represent our communities, the voices of rural America are heard!

“It is wonderful to see Youth Tour students and alumni engaged in the political process through encouraging their peers to register to vote! Co-ops Vote seeks to increase the percentage of rural voters, make people aware of the importance of spreading the cooperative message and ensure rural issues remain a significant and principal part of the national discussion. Youth Tour students are playing a major role in spreading the cooperative message in high schools – and communities – across the nation.” – Steph Okuniewski, Youth Tour Director | Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Not old enough to vote (yet)? 

Don’t worry, there are still many ways to be involved in Co-ops Vote and in your community!  You can start by asking your parents, older family members, and friends if they’re registered to vote.  Have a conversation about what voting means to them! 

How about hosting a Voter Registration Drive in your Community – Or at your School?!

Each year, we work to host voter registration drives around the country through the National Voter Registration Day program.  Did you know that even if you’re not old enough to vote, you can still help out at your local polling place as an election judge? 

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High school students from across the country registered to vote with the help of NRECA’s Co-ops Vote Program

Perhaps you want to help others register to Vote AND show off your dance moves … Without leaving your house! Join us, in conjunction with National Voter Registration Day, for our SECOND ANNUAL Virtual Voter Registration Dance Party: September 28, 2021. See you there!

Check out what some of our YLC alums have to say about Co-ops Vote & rural advocacy!

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