Time for YOU to Shine!

Actually, we know you have been shining bright for a while now … We just want to hear all about it!

Life has been crazy but there have been so many wonderful ways in which we have been inspired and creative … ways we have helped loved ones and strangers … and times when we have relied on the assistance of others.

Tell us about how you have spent your time in quarantine and how things are now that life is returning to normal!

So here’s what we want you to do:

  1. Come up with a story.
  2. Decide whether you’d like to write something or record something to share. If you opt to record, please jot down what you’re going to say and rehearse a couple of times. You want to make sure you’re comfortable – And that you don’t ramble.
  • Make sure you film your segment somewhere where there is:
    •  No outside or distracting noises (Wind, for example)
    • Good lighting (If the light source is behind you, it will cast a shadow on your face)
  • If using your smartphone to record (which should work great!) – Film horizontally!
  • Make sure you – or the item(s) you’re featuring –are in the middle of the frame
  • Watch your clip before submitting it and ask someone else to as well (kind of like having a buddy proofread!)
  • Make it your own! Be funny – be wacky – be YOU!
  • Email your stories and videos to YouthTourNRECA@gmail.com .
    Write SHINE and the name of your state in the subject line
    Include a short write-up giving us more detail in the body of the email.
    Please include the name of your state & local co-op in the body of your email.
    Include your phone number.
    NRECA’s Youth Programs & Training Manager Beth Knudson may reach out to you with questions or to get clarification.
  • Video clips can be anywhere between 30 seconds and two minutes long
  • NRECA reserves the right to edit your clips and stories for content and time constraints
  • Your materials will not be returned to you
  • You are encouraged to share your videos and stories via our site on your personal social media pages